Installation Instructions

In order to install & run gnukhata on your computer, You need to follow the below steps:

1. Installing docker & docker compose


For ubuntu/debian based distributions:

sudo apt install docker-compose

Windows & Mac

Head over to & download the installer & follow the install Instructions

2. Setup & Launching the app

Download the docker compose file: Click to Download

cd into the directory where the file is downloaded

Then, run the command sudo docker-compose up -d

Now you can access gkapp (web UI) inside your web browser at url http://localhost:2020 & gkcore (REST API Server) http://localhost:6543 respectively

To stop gnukhata, run sudo docker-compose down in the same directory.

In case of issues in the installation process, please join our support groups & we will try to help you out

gnukhata’s data is stored in the gkdir folder in user’s home directory